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Síngame rico papi

You've probably heard the two most common verbs to talk about having sex.  Coger and follar.

Actually, Tener sexo or tener relaciones sexual mean to have sex.  Coger and follar mean to fuck.  And so do the rest of the words I'm about to share with you.  Today we're here to learn several ways of saying to fuck in Spanish.

I need to point out that most of these words don't actually mean to fuck in Spanish, not from a dictionary perspective that is.  These are all colloquial uses.  Be sure to take the time to learn their actual definitions as you'll need them for everyday speech as well.

Let's start with coger.

Mexico is famous for it's use of coger, but what many Spanish learners don't know is it's also widely used  in Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, Panama and probably several other countries.  You can read about what coger means in various countries at a website called AsiHablamos.

Mi novio me quiere ver coger con otro
My boyfriend wants to see fuck someone else

¿Quieres coger?
Do you want to fuck?

In España follar is the word of choice for saying to fuck in Spanish, and it's understood pretty much everywhere, even if they prefer a different word.  And unlike several of the other words, the dictionary definition of follar is to fuck.

Fuck me

¿Es cierto que las gordas follan mejor?
Is it true that fat girls fuck better?

By the way, cogida and follada are ways to talk about a "fuck".

A mi me gusta ser follada bien fuerte por detras
I like to be fucked really hard from behind

Me dio una buena cogida por el culo
He fucked me in the ass really good

While coger and follar are pretty much universal terms, they aren't the only words used to talk about fucking.

In Mexico you'll also hear the word chingar used to talk about fucking, although coger is the word of choice and the one you'll most likely hear.

Te quiero chingar
I want to fuck you

A esa vieja sí me la chingo
Yeah I'll fuck that girl

By the way, chingar has un chingo (a shitload) of meanings and several words that are derived from it.  Lucky for us someone actually wrote the book on chingar, it's called The Chingonario.  I've also written about some of the many common uses of chingar.  Check out some my posts on chingar by searching the blog.

Let's get back to the task at hand.

The Dominican Republic has a few interesting words, singar and rapar.

Esa rapa más que los perros
That girl fucks more than dogs

Anoche di una rapa tremenda con María
Last night I fucked María good

Here's a a very common phrase you'll hear in the Dominican Republic:

El que toma Brugal pelea o rapa
Who ever drinks Brugal either fights or fucks

If you want to know more about Brugal, read my post about some very popular alcoholic beverages in the Dominican Republic.

Up next is singar.

Síngame rico papi 
Fuck me good baby

Sabes porque anoche Pablo y María se desaparecieron? Estaban singando en su carro
You know why Pablo and Maria disappeared last night?   They were fucking in his car.

Me voy a singar a mi novia
I'm leaving to go fuck my girlfriend

Culear is another word that means to fuck in Spanish, and you'll hear it in Colombia for sure.

¿Cuándo vamos a culear? Nunca.
When are we going to fuck?  Never.

You may also see it written as culiar.  Culiar or culear is used in several countries and almost always means to fuck, but in some places it means to have anal sex.  In a very vulgar way of course.  You have to know your audience.

Tirarse is another word that means to fuck in Spanish and is used in a number of countries such as Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and others.

Voy a tirarme con esa vieja
I'm going to fuck that girl

Ayer me tiré a dos bellezas, qué trío
Yesterday I fucked two beautiful girls, what a threesome

Notice the correct way to use this is "Tirarse a".  If you're not up to speed on your reflexive verbs, read my post on reflexive verbs.

Well, that's it for today.  Each country has it's own terms and this list is far from complete, but it's certainly a good start.

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¡Hasta luego!

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