Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vamos a matar el oso a puñaladas

Vamos a matar el osito a puñaladas
We're going to stab the teddy bear to death

After reading the translation, you may have a mental image that looks something like this:

Well, literal translations aren't always what they're cracked up to be.  Let's see if we can iron this out.

As you can see by the photo, an osito is a teddy bear.  But in Mexico it's also something else.

Oso, or osito is a way to refer the vagina.  So what does an osito (teddy bear) and the vagina have in common?  They're both hairy.  And the instrument that's doing all the stabbing (remember the puñaladas?) would be a puñal (a dagger) is the pene, or penis.

I'm guessing it all makes sense now.  Let's take another look at our phrase.

Vamos a matar el osito a puñaladas
Let's go stab that pussy to death

Ok, it doesn't really translate well if you ask me, but the key thing to remember is it's a vulgar way to say "let's go have sex".

By the way, if you ever visit a strip club in Mexico, you may hear the crowd shouting:

Oso, oso, oso
Pussy, pussy, pussy

I won't claim that's an exact translation, but it should get the point across about what it refers to and that's it's vulgar.

Let's take a look at another expression, ponerle Jorge al niño.  It's a  non-vulgar are way to talk about having sex.

Vamos a ponerle Jorge al niño

¿Le ponemos Jorge al niño?

Let's look at a few more.

Vamos a hacer el 42. Tu en 4 y yo en 2.
Le's do a 42.  You on all 4 fours and me in 2.

¿Metemos el coche en la cochera?
Shall we put the car in the garage?

Esta noche cena Pancho
Pancho's eating dinner tonight

Don't ask me why, but Pancho refers to the pene, and just like our previous expressions it's  a reference to having sex.

A better translation would be:

Esta noche cena Pancho
I'm (or you're) getting laid tonight

Si no me compras las tacones que quiero, esta noche no cena pancho
If you don't buy me those heels I want, you're not getting any sex tonight

Have fun with those and stay tuned for the next post.  And if you're interested in learning "regular" Spanish, check out my other blogs:

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¡Hasta la próxima!

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