Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Todo el mundo quiere hacerme un griego

I've talked about a lot of things in blog and today I realized I've never given the subject of anal sex its due.  Today we're going to fix that, so let's get started.

You could just go with sexo anal.  Make sure you use your Spanish pronunciation BTW.

Quiero tener sexo anal
I want to have anal sex

Effective, but boring.  Here's a few other ways of talking about sexo anal.

Let's start with something mild and work our way up.

Sexo por la cola...

Mi novio quiere hacerlo por la cola
My boyfriend wants to do it in the butt

Sexo por atras is another mild way of talking about sexo anal.

Quiero hacerlo por atrás
I want to do it from behind

Un griego is yet another way of referring to sexo anal

Quiero hacerte un griego
I want to have anal sex with you

Ponerme a cuatro pata y hacerme un griego
Put me on all fours and have anal sex with me

Todo el mundo quiere hacerme un griego
Everybody wants to have anal sex with me

Hacer un polaco also refers to sexo anal

Alright, it's time to turn it up a notch.  After all, isn't that what this blog is all about?

There's nothing mild about this one:

Quiero cogerte por el culo
I want to fuck you in the ass

Quiero que me des por el culo
I want you to give it to me in the ass

I've used coger in the above examples, but follar is another word that means to fuck. If you're in Spain that's your best choice.  But don't worry, either way you'll be understood.

Fóllame por el culo
Fuck me in the ass

Metamelo por el culo
Stick it in my ass

Well, there are probably even more ways to skin this cat, but I think that's enough for one day.  But before I let you go, since we're in that geographical area, it would be wrong of me not to mention a beso negro.

What is a beso negro you ask?  Literally it means a black kiss, but it actually refers to kissing the ano (anus).

Quiero darte un beso negro
I want to kiss your anus

Don't worry I don't judge, I just inform. 

And that's it.  Everything you need to know about sexo por el culo.  Or at least enough to get you started.

¡Hasta la próxima!

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  1. This is very informative...and much appreciated especially by someone who is not a native speaker but enjoy my Latin counterparts