Saturday, February 13, 2016

Las buenas niñas tragan toda su leche

Las buenas niñas tragan toda su leche 
Good girls drink all of their milk

Yes, leche is Spanish for milk.  You probably knew that.  And if you're a faithful follower of this blog, you also know we're not here to talk about milk.

Well, not that kind of milk anyway.

Like many words in Spanish, leche has a double meaning that can make you the butt of someone's joke if you don't know what that is.  Not to mention you may find yourself in a situation where this double meaning comes in handy.

In today's post I'll be covering (nearly) everything "leche" related.   OK, enough of the stalling, let's get to it.

When it comes to sex, leche is a vulgar way to refer to semen, or cum as we would say in English.  You may also hear it as lechita

Dame la leche papi
Give me that cum baby

Quiero tu lechita papi
I want your cum baby

By the way, this isn't something a guy would say to a girl.

If you want to be boring, or maybe just polite, Spanish has the words semen and espermas also.

Leche isn't the only term for cum, you can also use mocos or mecos.  At least in Mexico you can.  And as a side note, mocos also means snot, so don't get yourself in an embarrassing situation.  In Spain you can use lefa.

El vestido de Monica Lewinsky es manchado de mecos
Monica Lewinsky's dress has cum stains

Yeah, I went there.

Here in the US we sometimes use the word jizz instead of cum, but it translates the same.

Speaking of jizz, that brings us to the verbs to jizz or to cum.  Like most things in life, there's more than one way to skin a cat, so you've got options.

There's the verb eyacular which is a direct translation of to ejaculate, but unless you're in health class or talking to your doctor, I'd use one of the other options.

Now, if you're in Spain, you'll probably hear correrse.

Me corro en tu cara
I'm going to cum in you face.

Quiero que te corras en mi culo
I want you to come on my ass

By the way, that last example uses the subjunctive for all you grammar lovers.  I don't recommend you use it as an example in class though.

In Mexico and Latin America, you'll hear venirse.

Me vengo
I'm cumming

Also remember I said guys can't say "Dame la leche" to a woman?  Well guys, this one you can.

Quiero que te vengas
I want you to cum

There's also acabar or terminar for this.  Terminar is pretty vanilla, meaning to finish.

¿Ya terminaste?
Did you finish yet?

Acabar, however, is another story.  In many countries acabar is considered vulgar.

Te voy a acabar en las tetas
I'm going to cum on your tits

Voy a acabar
I'm going to cum

The all mighty verb echar can also come in handy in these situations.

Échame la lefa en la cara
Shoot your jizz in my face

We've talked about the act of freeing our little friends, so let's talk about what you call the result of echando mecos.

Corridas, venidas and acabadas are all ways of referring to what the porn industry likes to call the cum shot.

Now we get to the famous question:

I'm not sure if you swallow or spit?

To answer this question, you'll need the word tragar, to swallow.  Just to be clear, the verb tragar is for swallowing anything, not just mecos.

Me gusta mucho tragar el semen. ¿Esto es normal?
I love to swallow semen.  Is that normal?

A person (man or a woman) that does this sort of thing is called a traga leche.

Esa chica es una traga leche
She's a cum swallower

Or you could say something like the below which conveys the same idea.

A esa morra le gusta tragar los mecos
That girl loves to swallow cum

Well, that's it for today.  Or maybe I should say that's enough.

¡Hasta la próxima!


  1. Cool blog! I believe you have a grammatical error in the title here though. Should be "toda su leche."

    1. Thanks reading and pointing out the typo!

  2. Health Educator here to say thank you. I had trouble translating pre- cum and come to my audience, this helped.

    1. You're welcome! It never, ever occurred to me an educator would find anything useful for their profession on this blog, LOL.