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Las Malas Palabras del Vacilón

I spend a lot of time watching Spanish videos on YouTube and I just happened to come across a video that I just had to share with my faithful readers.

El Vacilón is a radio personality and he decided to make a video is about words that you can't say on the radio - palabras que no puede decir en el aire, that means this is going to be good!

This is a nice collection of swear words from various countries and the really great thing is the video is like a Spanish lesson, you get to see and hear the words.   It just doesn't get any better than that.  They don't always explain what the words mean, but I'll do my best to help you out with that.

So if you're the impatient type and have a good command of Spanish, here's the video and I'll let you to get right to it.  By the way, if you're reading this in your email and you don't see the video or it won't play it I've included the link:

Las Malas Palabras del Vacilón

For those of you that still need to build up your Spanish ears, don't worry, I'll walk you through the highlights of the video.

Let's take a look at the words in the video, in order of appearance.


Chingar is a Mexican word and  when they talk about it in the video, they don't really give a definition for it.  The good news is I've talked about it several times (13 posts as to date), so you can just click here and get a really good idea what it means and how to use it.  In fact, there are so many uses of chingar that someone wrote a book on it, The Chingonario.

Two of the most common uses of chingar are to tell someone fuck you or fuck off.

Chinga tu madre 
Fuck you

Yes, for those of you making a literal translation, it does mean "fuck your mother".  but don't get caught up with literal translations.

If that isn't a strong enough of an insult for you, you can turn it up a notch.

Chinga tu puta madre

It means the same thing, but much, much stronger.  Now, like any good cuss word, you can use it with friends and get a good laugh, like in this 21 second video:

But make no mistake about it, these two phrases can get you in a lot of trouble.  Said out of anger, be prepared to be cursed out or have your ass kicked.  You've been warned. 

I don't think you can get anymore Mexican than this next phrase.

Vete a la chingada
Fuck off

What and where is the chingada you ask?  That's another blog post in it self.


Although it wasn't written on the board, they mention this one during the discussion of chingar.  It means to fuck, at least in Puerto Rican and Caribbean Spanish.  Not everyone is going to understand this one, it may have a different meaning altogether for the person you're talking to.

Te quiero chichar todo el día
I want to fuck you all day long


One of the many words that means pussy.  It's used in Colombia, Puerto Rico and Guatemala to name a few places.  Other words for pussy you may hear are cuca, coño, panocha and concha

Here's a web page you can look at to see you what it means in various countries.

Que rica chocha tiene Juanita
Juanita has some good pussy

You can safely substitute chocha for any of the aforementioned terms for pussy and the sentence carries the same meaning.

Ladies, you can replace the word chocha with any word for dick (like verga) to compliment or entice your lover. 

Quiero tu verga adentro papi
I want your dick inside me baby

Me gusta tu verga
I like your dick


While the verb coger has many very legitimate uses in the Spanish language, one of it's colloquial definitions is to fuck.  Mexico is the country that typically gets all the glory for using coger in this sense, but several countries use the word coger in that sense, including Argentina, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Venezuela and more.  In fact that meaning of coger is well known throughout all the Spanish speaking world, so don't let anyone fool you into thinking Mexico has the corner on that market. 

Some other terms you may hear that mean to fuck are follar, singar,  and culear (sometimes spelled culiar).  Also, for some Spanish speakers the work culear means to specifically have anal sex.

Siempre me coges bien
You always fuck me good


Coño is another one of those diverse words that has many meanings, one of which is damn, but it can also mean pussy or fuck.  While coño seems to be more of a Caribbean term, it's understood everywhere.  The translation can vary in strength and meaning, depending on what country you're in and the context.


Take a look at this video.  If you don't see it below click here.

Echar un polvo

This expression is definitely well know throughout the Spanish speaking world.   It pretty much translates to fuck or screw, so yeah, it's vulgar.  I don't recommend you use it in front of your grandmother.

¿Echamos un polvo?
Do you want to fuck?

Anoche me eché un polvo con Miguel
I fucked Miguel last night


Another word meaning to fuck.  They also make a reference to the word rapar, which is a Domincan word that means the same thing. 

Te quiero follar
I want to fuck you

Tengo que rapar esa mamacita
I have to fuck that sexy babe

Hijo de la chingada

This one brings us back into the world of Mexican Spanish.  Think of it as the equivalent to son-of-a-bitch or even motherfucker.  A more universal version would be hijo de puta.


You'll see this written as hijueputa, or even jueputa, as I heard in Costa Rica.  It's basically an exclamation that could mean son-of-bitch, shit or even fuck depending on what country or region you're in as well as context.

What an ugly son-of-a-bitch

Mamagüevo, mamahuevo, mama huevo, mama guevo

No matter how you spell it, the meaning doesn't change.  It means cocksucker.

You're a cocksucker

¡No me hables asi mamaguevo!
Don't talk to me like that you cocksucker!

You can even use it call someone a homosexual.  Here are a couple other words that mean the same thing.

Chupa verga, chupa pija, mama verga, chupa pollas

And like most swear words, mamaguevo could take on a slightly different meaning based on context.


You'll hear one of the gentlemen in the video shout out that a mamón is a fruit in the Dominican Republic, and he's right.

But depending on where you are in the Spanish speaking world, it has other meanings.  And it's meaning varies dramatically from country to country.  In all honesty, this word is so diverse I don't really have a good handle on it, but I can tell you why you can't say it on the radio.

It can be used to call someone a homosexual (in a vulgar way of course), a synonym of marica.  A guy who sucks cock, faggot if you will.  You get the idea.

If you're talking about a woman, mamóna, she likes to give guys oral sex.

But you really need to do your research on this one, it can have non-vulgar meanings in some countries. 


While not quite as exciting as the other words in the video, this is one you should still have in your toolbox.  It means to piss.

Ahora vengo, voy a mear
I'll be right back, I'm going to take a piss


Another universally understood word, mierda means shit, and you can use it as both a noun and an exclamation.


Hueles a mierda
You smell like shit

Fuck this, I'm going to be a stripper


Well, here's yet another word that means pussy, although it's mostly used in Mexico.  You'll probably hear it Central America as well, and probably a few other places.

By the way, you can't use this word or any of the other words (like la cuca or el toto) to insult some as we do with the word pussy in English.

Chúpame la panocha papi
Eat my pussy baby


Puta is most commonly used to refer to prostitutes (and not in a good way) but can also mean bitch, slut or even used as an exclamation like "fuck!".

Las mejores putas trabajan en los fines de semanas
The best prostitutes work on the weekends

Mano, tu novia es bien puta.  La ví con Manuel anoche
Dude, your girlfriend is a real slut.  I saw her with Manuel last night.

You're a whore,  case closed



A Dominican word meaning to fuck.

Síngame rico papi
Fuck me good baby


It doesn't get any easier than this.  It means tits.

Que buenas tetas tienes
You've got nice tits

Tirarse a is another way to talk about having sex.  Well, at least in Venezuela, México, España and probably several other countries.  This is a phrase where you really need to know your audience.  And yes, it's vulgar, like all the other words in this post. 

Me tiré a Juana
I fucked Juana

Quiero tirarme a ese chico
I want to fuck that guy


Another Dominican word and yet another word for pussy.

Tienes el toto apretadito 
You've got a really tight pussy


Another universal word meaning dick or cock.  While there are many words to refer to the male body part, this is the strongest.  It's also used in several expressions, and in those contexts can usually be translated as fuck.

Que verga tan grande tienes
You've got a big dick

With all due respect, fuck off

And that's about it for this video.

To wrap things up, keep in mind the meaning of these words can change from country to country.  In one place it could the most vulgar word in the dictionary and in another place it's completely harmless. I've done my best to point out what these words mean in various countries, but you have to know your audience.

Hopefully you've learned enough bad words to keep you busy for a while.   Lastly, check out ¡Que Boquita!  which is a Spanish phrasebook for Android that will help you swear like a native speaker.  It gives you the real meaning and English equivalents of Spanish swear words, and equally important, tells you what country each word or phrase is used in.   It's the wilder side of My Spanish Phrasebook, which is designed to help you with real life conversational Spanish.

¡Hasta la próxima!

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