Monday, June 14, 2010

Me voy a la chingada de aquí

If you're going to swear in Mexican Spanish, or at least want to be able understand what's being said when other people swear, you're really going to have to learn the many nuances of the phrase "a la chingada".  Today we're going to discuss yet another usage of this phrase.

Everyday that I leave the office, I usually tell everyone "me voy", well, the English equivalent of "me voy" anyway.  Which would be "I'm leaving", in case you're not familiar with "me voy".  But sometimes when you leave the office, or some other place that's getting on your nerves, "me voy" just doesn't cut it.

That's where our old friend "a la chingada" comes in:

Me voy a la chingada de aquí
I'm getting the hell (fuck) out of here

Remember, anything in Mexican Spanish that involves "chingar" or "a la chingada" is very strong, so this is not something you want to toss around lightly.  

Pan comida, right?  

Well, "Me voy a la chingada de aquí", because it's Saturday night and for once I actually have plans.

¡Espero que te sirva!

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  1. jajaja te vas a la chingada de aqui porque ahora si tienes planes!