Monday, October 24, 2011

Voy a dedear a mi vieja

I've talked about masturabation before, but it's been primarily from a male perspective.  Today we'll take a look at some female terms for masturbation.

Actually, there are a few generic terms you can use for talking about masturbation in both sexes.  The first one is mastubarse.

¿Es bueno mastubarse todos los días?
Is it good to masterbate everyday?

There's Hacer una paja...

¿Cómo se hace una paja?
How do you masturbate?

Now let's move on to phrases that specifically refer to la masturbación femenina - female masturbation.

Hacerse un dedo and Hacer un dedo

What's the difference between these two you ask?  When you Hacerse un dedo, you're doing it to yourself:

Me gusta hacerme un dedo
I like to finger myself

When you Hacer un dedo, someone else is doing it to you.

Mi novio me quiere hacer un dedo
My boyfriend wants to finger in me

Although this doesn't specifically mean mastubation, it's very closely related so it's worth mentioning - meter(se) dedos.

The same thing happens with Meterse dedos and meter dedosMeterse dedos is to finger yourself, and meter dedos is when someone else does it.

Me meto dos dedos en la vagina
I put two fingers in my vagina

Mi novia me quiere meter el dedo en el culo
My boyfriend wants to put a finger in my ass

And now we finally get to dedear.  In English, dedear means "to finger".

Me gusta dedearme
I like to finger myself

¿Te gusta como me dedeo?
Do you like how I how finger myself?

Voy a casa para dedear a mi vieja
I'm going home to finger my old lady

That's it for today.  While there are probably many other ways to talk about female masturbation, these will more than get you started. 

¡Hasta la próxima!

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