Wednesday, August 21, 2013

¡Te pases de verga!

If you don't know, verga means dick or cock.  Take your pick, either way it's a vulgar way of referring to the male genitalia.

Me encanta la verga
I love dick

Dame tu verga papi
Give me your dick baby

The word verga is even more versatile than that.  There are a few expressions that use the word verga.

Vete a la verga
Fuck off / Go fuck yourself

Me vale verga
I don't give a fuck

And of course today's expression:

Atrevete a ser diferente, pero no te pases de verga
Dare to be different, but don't go fucking overboard

Notice his boots.  Those are called botas picudas, a trademark of musica tribal, which to my knowledge is primarily, if not only, a Mexican thing.

Let's talk about another word, vergazo.  What is a vergazo you ask?

The word vergazo also comes from verga, and has both a sexual and non-sexual meaning.  Let's start with the sexual meaning.

Oye chica linda, voy a darte un vergazo
Hey pretty girl, I'm going to dick-slap you

There it is, you now know how to tell someone you're going to dick-slap them in Spanish.  You should feel a sense of pride coming over you now.

vergazo is also a really hard hit, like a serious knockout.   You can also use the expression "darte un vergazo" to tell someone you're about to kick their ass.

Vete a la verga puto o te voy a dar un vergazo wey, sigue de payaso
Fuck off faggot or I'm going to beat your fucking ass dude, keep acting like a clown

Let's look at some other ways to use vergazo.

¡Puta, que vergazo!
Fuck, what a fucking punch!

Although I translated vergazo as a punch, it can be any type of hit, like a car crash, or a big fall.  Any sort of high impact that makes you go daaaammmmn!

There are several other synonyms for vergazo, like coñazo, madrazo, golpazo, puñetazo, putazo and chingaso. All of them imply somebody got hit, but hard.  You may see them spelled with an s or z.  Which one is the correct spelling?  These are very informal words and in day-to-day speech nobody cares which version is correct, so forget about the little details and just have fun with these.

Lastly, here's a song called EL VERGAZO.  You're going to hear a lot of good stuff in this song and by good stuff I mean bad language.  You can read the lyrics here.  And if you can't see the video, here's the direct link: El Vergazo Grupo Marrano

This type of song is called a porno corrido.  I don't think the porno part needs much explanation, so let me tell you what a corrido is.  Think of a corrido as ballad, a song that tells a story.  Aside from porno corridos there are narco corridos, which are songs about drug dealers and drug trafficking.  There are probably other types of corridos, but in this blog we're only concerned about the "interesting" ones.

Anyway, that's all for today!


  1. A "corrido", I've never heard that before, that's cool. Most of the other stuff is well known to me, hahaha!



  2. I would like to add just one thing: I lived in Spain for 2 years and they use the word "coñazo" there all of the time! But they use it when they say something or someone is a pain in the ass or really annoying.

    For example: "Esto es un coñazo!"

    Anyway, awesome blog! Never heard anyone talk about pinga (your other post) besides my Cuban boyfriend LOL. This is great.

  3. I say "chingadaso" instead of "chingaso," everyone in my family does. I thought that was the more popular way to refer to whatever kind of hit/blow.