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In Mexico chingar is the verb of choice for slinging around insults and obscenities in general, but in Spain you'll need the verb joder. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I know you've already figured out what jódete means. 

Fuck you!

While jódete does get the job done, there's also another very nice expression.

Que te jodan
Fuck you

Joder can be used for insults, general swearing and to talk about the act of sex.
If just want to let off a little steam, then you can say:


You can also say:

Estoy jodido
I'm fucked

Here's a few more uses of joder.

It's used to make threats:

Te voy a joder
I'm gonna fuck you up

You can use it to talk about how annoying someone is.

Este tio no para de joder a la gente
This guy won't stop fucking annoying people

No me jodes
Don't fucking annoy me

You can use it to say something is in really bad shape

Se ha jodido el motor

The engine’s fucked
La situación es jodida
The situation is fucked up 
And of course to refer to sex.
Me jodí a la secretaria
I fucked the secretary
While joder can mean "to fuck" as in English, it's much more common to use the verb follar.
Te quiero follar
I want to fuck you
Me follé a mi novia y su hermana
I fucked my girlfriend and her sister

Since we started things off with insults, there's another expression worth mentioning,  although it doesn't involve the word joder.  Let's take a look.

Que te den

Literally this translates to "that they give it to you".  It doesn't seem to make much sense, because we have no idea what it is they're trying to give us.  At any rate, we know it's nothing good.  Let me fill you in on the part that's missing so this will all make sense.

"Que te den" is actually short for:

Que te den por el culo
That they give it to you in the ass

Well, now things are starting to come together, but our translation isn't quite there.  In English we'd be likely to say:

Que te den por el culo
Stick it up your ass 

We could also translate this as "up yours", either way you get the idea.  

That's about it.  Remember, this discussion of joder is about its use in Spain.  Joder is used in other countries, but it's meaning and uses vary, so do your homework if you're using these expressions with someone other than Spaniards.  Also, this is by no means an exhaustive account of the many expressions and uses of joder.  If you know more, don't be shy, share them by leaving a comment or two.

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¡Espero que te sirva!

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