Monday, November 14, 2011

Sabes qué, ¡Chingate!

A picture's worth a thousand words, and I bet I don't need to translate the message this little pinche escuincle (fucking brat) is sending.  Yep, you guessed it, chingate means "fuck you".  Here's another nice insult:

Chinga tu madre
Fuck your mother

While insulting people is always fun (and sometimes dangerous) the word "chinga" has other uses as well.

In English, we toss around the word fuck all the time.  It can be used in a lot of ways, like expressing anger, surprise or frustration and just to flat out insult someone to name a few, and today we'll talk about how do all that in Mexican Spanish, with the the word "chinga" and it's derivatives.

While in English we use the F word (fuck) , aka the "F bomb", to express both emotion and the act of sex, it doesn't work that way in Spanish. 

If you want to talk about the act of sex (fucking), then you need the verbs follar, coger, tirar, joder or chingar for that, with coger being the verb of choice in Mexico.  But if you need to let out a little steam in Mexican Spanish, you can say:


You can use the word chinga in the same context you would in English. 

Smashed your finger in the car door?  ¡Chinga!

Got a letter from the IRS saying you owe them $10,000?  ¡Chinga!

You get the point, but here's some more examples anyway:

Ya te dije que me dejes en paz ¡chinga!
I already told you to leave me alone, fuck!

¿Qué la chinga?
What the fuck?

There's also chingao, or chingado.  The word is actually chingado, although you'll see and hear both.   Here's how you would use them.

¿Que chingados?
What the fuck?

¿Quien chingados eres?
Who the fuck are you?

Pues, ¿qué chingados hago?
Well, what the fuck do I do?

¡Ah, chingao! Se me perdieron las llaves
Fuck!  I lost the keys

And here's one more for you...

¿Dónde está Wally? Sepa la chingada
Where's Waldo? Who the fuck knows

For those of you who caught my "Where's Waldo" reference, in Spanish he's known as Wally.  Don't ask me why, I was just as surprised as you.

If you feel you need a little more practice, you can check out this YouTube video:

The nice thing is the video has the letra (lyrics) as well, so now you can learn how to write your insults down.

That's it for today.  Next time we'll talk about how to tell someone to  fuck off in a more neutral Spanish.

¡Hasta luego!

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