Monday, February 13, 2012

Me gusta el perrito, quiero hacerlo ahorita

Let's start with  perrito.  Here's a picture of a perrito:

Cute little thing isn't he?  Perrito is the diminutive form of the word perro, which means dog.  So when you talk about a perrito, you're talking about a little dog.

You may be wondering what our cute little dog has to do with todays post.  Well, perrito also has another meaning that comes directly from the actions of man's best friend.   Specifically how they have sex. In English we call it doggy style.

¡Me gusta la posicion del perrito, duro!
I like it doggy style, hard!

You can also refer to la posición del perrito as sexo por detrás or cuatro patas.

Quiero hacerlo por detras
I want to do it from behind

Por qué prefieres hacerlo a cuatro patas y no en la del misionero?
Why do you prefer to do it from behind and not in missionary?

By the way, pata is a term used to describe animal legs or feet, and colloquially it can be used to refer to people's legs and feet as well, but that's another discussion.

Let's get back on track.  With that piece of information, we can figure out why cuatro patas is used to refer to having sex from behind, or perhaps it would be better stated in this case as having sex on all fours.

You may have noticed the word misionero above.  It's how you talk about sex in the missionary position.  And just in case you haven't realized it, this post is about sexual positions in Spanish.

Te quiero encimaI want you on top
That simple phrase is enough to get you want you want, whether you're a man or a woman.  But if you want to specifically talk about when la mujer esta arriba (the woman is on top) the term you're looking for is la vaquera - cowgirl.
And we can't overlook this position...
La mujer esta de la vaquera, pero dandote la espaldaThe woman is in cowgirl, but with her back to you.
That's right,  reverse cowgirl - vaquera de espalda or vaquera al revés.  
There's also lado a lado, side by side.  
La cuchara - the spoon

And of course, the famous 69 (sixty-nine) - el sesenta y nueve.

In general when you want to talk about standing positions, you say posiciones sexuales de pie - standing sexual positions.  If you don't know, in Spanish you use the phrase de pie (of foot) to talk about to standing up in general.

There's also kneeling positions - posiciones sexuales de rodillas.

I think that's enough to get you started.  If you're still looking for more, I can point you to a site that can help you out.  But before I do that, I need to tell you it's in Spanish and packed full of explicit photos, but you'll definitely find the phrases you're looking for.  Don't worry, it's not porn, but rather a site designed to help
you improve your sex life.

Here's it is:

Técnicas y posiciones sexuales

Tell you what, here's a bonus site, courtesy of Wikipedia.  And like the first site, it's not for those of you who are shy.

Posturas sexuales

There you have it, a basic primer for sexual positions in Spanish.

¡Hasta la próxima!

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