Monday, March 5, 2012

No sabes la golfa que es

Golfa refers to a woman, but not just any woman, but the kind of woman who likes to sleep around.  The word in English is slut.

Let's translate todays phrase.

No sabes la golfa que es
You don't know what a slut she is

Here's a short video so you can hear this word in action.  Be sure to listen for our phrase in the video.

You've just been introduced to La Famila del Barrio.  When in comes to bad language, these guys rock, especially if you're interested in Mexican Spanish.  You'll notice in the video golfa is translated as whore, and while slut and whore are sometimes used interchangeably depending on the context, I think slut is more accurate.

Here's another example:

¿Viste esa chava?  ¡Es golfa!
Did you see that girl?  She's a slut.

Before I forget, golfa is Mexican Spanish.  The standard Spanish word is zorra.

Teresa es una zorra, anda con uno y con otro
Theresa is a slut, she goes around with one guy after another

La hermana de Diego es muy zorra
Diego's sister is a real slut

There's also golfo, which is a guy who sleeps around a lot.

That's it for today!


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