Monday, May 16, 2011

No seas ojete

If you look up ojete in the dictionary, it means "eyelet".  Well, that's one of the definitions anyway.  And unless you have a really good dictionary, it probably left a few things out.

Ojete  is also a vulgar word for ano, or anus.  In English we would say asshole.  This is where today's sentence comes in. 

No seas ojete
Don't be an asshole

And like always, there's more than one way to skin a cat.  Or in this case call someone an asshole.

 Some other good options are  "pendejo", "cabrón", "culero" and in Spain "gilipollas".  These are all  probably understood by most Spanish speakers, but remember each country might have it's own words for these things.

 The good news is the fun doesn't stop here.  Ojete can also be used as a synonym for culo.   Let's look at a few examples.

Se puso tan cachonda que hasta me dejo darla por el ojete
She got so horny she even let me give it to her in the ass

Una web dedicada exclusivamente al mejor porno hardcore por el ojete
A web site dedicated exclusively to the best hardcore anal sex

Le rompen el ojete
They gave it to her in the ass

That's it for today, espero que te sirva.

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  1. My dictionary also says that "ojete" can mean "vagina" in Mexico and Argentina.