Monday, April 25, 2011

Estoy hasta la madre y apenas es lunes

Sometimes you've put up with all you can handle, you can't take anymore and you need to say what's on your mind.  Today you're going learn how to express that in the most emphatic way possible.

To be "Estar hasta la madre"  means you're fed up,  "sick and tired" or you've "had it up to here".   Except it's a stronger than that, and pretty rude.  And by rude I mean vulgar, which is why you're here, so let's look at an example:

Estoy hasta la madre con este trabajo
I've fucking had it up to here with this job

"Estar hasta la madre" isn't just for being pissed off (encabronado) about your job. You can be "Estar hasta la madre" about anything.

Ya me tienes hasta la madre
I'm pretty damn fed up with you

Estoy hasta la madre de tu desmadre
I'm fucking sick and tired of your damn mess

Estoy hasta la madre contigo, vete a la chingada
I'm fucking sick of you, go to hell
Estoy hasta la madre de la clase de gramática
I'm fucking sick of my grammar class

¡Estamos hasta la madre de la violencia!
We're fucking fed up with all the violence

There's nothing like seeing something used in real life, so here you go:

These people are definitely "hasta la madre".

Remember that these aren't necessarily exact translations, but you should get the idea that these expressions in both English and Spanish are pretty strong.  And before I forget, "Estar hasta la madre" is definitely a Mexican expression, although it may be used in other countries as well.

The word "madre" and "hasta la madre" have a number of other fun uses, so be on the look out for more expressions with "madre" in the near future.

¡Hasta pronto!

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