Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ni siquiera era una buen cogida

In a previous post, I talked about different ways to express the action of having sex.  You can read that post by clicking here.  Actually, to be more exact, that post was about using vulgar expressions to talk about having sex, or should I say "fucking".  Today I'm going to talk about words for the act itself.

In English we have several ways of refering to the act of sex, "doing the dirty deed", "doing the nasty", "let's do it" and "getting it on" to name a few, but they aren't vulgar.  So when it's time to get down and dirty, you'll want to use the word "fuck".  So now let's look at two very common ways to say this in Spanish:

Ni siquiera era una buen cogida
He wasn't even a good fuck

Lo que hace falta es un buen polvo
What she needs is a good fuck

 ¿Como fue la mejor cogida de tu vida?
 How was the best fuck of your life?

You may be wondering what the difference is between cogida and polvo is.  None really.  Some countries use cogida while some use polvo.  As rule of thumb, cogida is the word of choice if you're in Mexico and polvo is popular in Spain.  But trust me, either one will be understood.

If you want to tone things down a bit, then you can go with words "coito" or "cópula", which can be translated as "intercourse".  But where's the fun in that?  Let's look at an example anyway.

El coito es la cópula o unión sexual entre dos individuos de distinto o del mismo sexo
Intercourse is the copulation or sexual union between two individuals of different or the same sex

Well, that's it.  Whether you came here looking to learn some English or Spanish, I hope you learned something useful.

¡Hasta la proxima!

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