Monday, July 12, 2010

Te voy a meter hasta el fondo

I've talked a bit about cursing, so let's jump back to the topic of sex.  There are a few things I'm going to share with you that you might find both fun and useful in an intimate relationship.

The verb "meterse" has many uses, such as to put in , to get in or get involved in.  Here's an  example:

Me gusta la piscina, pero no me meto
I like the pool, but I don't get in

It also happens that meterse is also used in a sexual context.

Metemela papi
Put (stick) it in me daddy  OR
Give it to me daddy

And it should be obivious that when she says "papi", she isn't referring to her biological father.

So now that we know how meterse is being used, let's move on to "el fondo".

"El fondo" means "the back".  Like "in the back".  If you're in a restaurant and you're looking for your friends, your waiter might say...

Estan en el fondo
They're in the back

Now I think we have enough background info to decipher our phrase, but a literal translation won't really work here, so I'm going to make a translation that carries the same sentiment.

Te voy a meter hasta el fondo

Here are some possible translations:

I'm gonna stick it all the way in
I'm gonna give you everything
I'm gonna give you every inch of this

You can also say something like:

Metamela toda papi
Put (stick) it all in daddy  OR
Give it all to me daddy

You can also just use the verb meter and say: Métalo papi

Obviously those last two lines are for the ladies

Guys, you could say:

Te voy a meter toda
I'm going to give you all of it (everything)

Remember, everything in Spanish doesn't translate directly, and it's more important to get the "idea" than it is to try make a literal or exact translation, and I hope I've explained it well enough for you get the idea.

Just remember before you meter anything anywhere, be sure to practice sexo seguro

¡Hasta la próxima!

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