Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tienes el pito grande

Our phrase for today translates to "You have a big whistle". 

Given the nature of this blog, you've probably already guessed we aren't talking about whistles.  So then, what are we talking about?

Pito officially means whistle.  Unofficially, pito is a euphemism for penis.   The medical term for penis is pene. Pito is just one of many nicknames of the male body part.  Pito actually isn't all that rude, it's more along the lines of "willy". 

But this blog isn't about nice words, so let's look at some other options.

 Pinga is another euphamism for penis, and is without a doubt, very rude.   While you may see some people translate this as penis, it's really more like the word dick in English. 

Verga is another very common word for penis.  It's actually a nautical term, meaning yard, but in this context translates to cock.  Again, pretty vulgar.

Getting back to our phrase, "Tienes el pito grande", there's another way to say this..."tienes un grandote".  This one is more like "you have a big one".  The penis part is implied.

Well, that's it for now.  I'm not sure what I'll be talking about next, but rest assured, it will be something to improve your knowledge of groseras and palabrotas.


  1. ha ha...funny thing, I understand a little better now. For a while, when commenting on SP or to JP on Twitter I was calling him "pito" because I heard the crew calling him Jota-peto I guess.
    This made me laugh when I read it.

    I like both your blogs, Rodney. Bien Hecho!

  2. Pinga, también tiene otro significado muy coloquial en México, pinga lo utilizamos como traviesa o travieso, pícara o pícaro (mischievous, cheeky, naughty), por ejemplo: Esa niña es una pinga= That Little girl is a mischievous/cheeky/naughty.
    O como juego de palabras, por ejemplo: ¿Qué le dije a mi pene mientras cogía? R= Eres una pinga!! Jajajaja, ¿si lo captas?

  3. Gracias por tus comentarios Tijolin, y sí, ¡ya caigo!