Sunday, July 27, 2014

¡Vamos a un teybol dans!

One look at the picture and you'll know exactly what today's topic is.

Yep, you guessed, strip clubs.  You definitely won't find this lesson in your Spanish book.  Some of what I'm going to share with you is Mexican Spanish, so keep that in mind.

Before you can even go to a strip club, you need to know what they're called.

In Mexico, sin duda, the word you want is teibol.  And it's pronounced exactly like the word table in English.

Vamos a un teibol
Let's go to a strip club

But as you can see by the picture there's more than one way to spell it, but I think teibol is more common than teybol.  And yes, you'll also see it written as just plain old table.

The names for these places vary from country to country, so here are some of the words you're likely to hear:

Club de streaptease, local de Striptease, estrip clubcabarébar de strippers and burdel.

So what do you call the ladies who work in teibols?

That's right, teiboleras.  There are many other names that teiboleras go by so let's start with the ones that have direct English counter parts.

Bailarina exótica - Exotic Dancer
Bailarina - Dancer
Estriper/stripper - Stripper (Yes, this is Spanglish)
Bailarina de cabaré - Caberet Dancer

This next set of words may be easier to understand if you read a post I made on my other blog:

¿Por qué estás en cueros en la sala?

So now that you've done your homework,  here's the second set of words:

Encueradas,  encueratriz, desnudistabichicoris (bichi), cueritaestripticera

If you read the post I pointed you to above, this will be a quick review.

To be "en cueros" is to be naked.  Therefore an encuerada is a naked woman.  Now, I'm not exactly sure where cuerita comes from.  Cuero refers to leather, or animal skin, so a cuerita may very well be a female leather worker.  If you've got the 411 on this please share by leaving a comment below.

An encueratriz is a woman who is in the business of getting naked.

Desnudar means to get naked.  A desnudista is therefore a woman who gets naked.

As for estripticera, all I can tell you is that it's yet another word stripper.

So now it's time to talk about some of the things you'll see inside a strip club.  Well, I mean, you know, these are things someone told me you'll see in a strip club.

The stripper pole is called a tubo.  And I'm not sure that sweet little abuelita should be anywhere near one.

Proponen que el baile del tubo esté en las Olimpiadas
They're proposing that pole dancing should be in the Olympics

The stage is called a pisto.  And of course once the music starts our bailerina is going to quita la ropa (take off her clothes) or se desnuda (get naked).

If your teibolera isn't getting naked fast enough, you can use this little jingle to let her know.

Mucha ropa, mucha ropa...

Literally it means "a lot of clothes".  Figuratively in English:

Mucha ropa
Take it off

You gotta sing it though: mucha roopa, mucha roopa.  Stretch that "o" out a little bit on the word ropa.  I couldn't find an audio file, so I decided to record one myself using my very gringo accent.  Here's what it sounds like.

Of course the absolute best way to get a bailerina desnuda (naked) is to dar propina.

¿Me das propina bebe?
Are you going to tip me baby?

Si te quitas la ropa te doy más propina
If you take your clothes off I'll give you a bigger tip

FYI, Dar propina is the expression you use for any kind of tipping, not just in a teibol dans.

Once a teibolera finishes her baile (dance) the DJ (pronounced el D yay) will shout out aplauso, apluaso - applause.  I mean, come on, this person just got naked for you, a little aplauso is just common courtesy.

Since you're in a teibol, a teibolera may offer her services to you.

¿Quieres un baile? 
Would you like a dance?

¿Quieres un privado?
Do you want a private dance?

Y ya está.  Everything you need to get you started in the world of teybol dans

¡Hasta la próxima!

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