Monday, March 26, 2012

Esta bien chingon el chingonario

When something, or someone, is chingón, that means they, or it, are really, really good.  So good in fact, you would say it's fucking great.

Esta bien chingón el chingonario 
The chinganario is fucking great

You may have noticed I didn't translate the word chingonario.  That's because there isn't translation.  Yes, I hear you.  You're thinking...

Entonces, ¿que chingados es un chingonario?
So, what the fuck is a chinganario?

Let me explain.

Chingonario = Chingón + Diccionario

The verb chingar has a multitude of uses, and although I've talked about a few of them before, wouldn't it be nice to have a reference at your fingertips that tells you everything you need to know? That's where the chinganario comes in.

The chinganario is a dictionary of the word chingar and it's most common uses with practical explanations and examples of how the family of chingar related words are used.  Que chingón, ¿no?

The chingonario has a ton of great expressions like:

La función es hasta casa de la chingada, así ni gratis voy
The event is in the middle of fucking nowhere, I'm not going even if it's free

That's more of a figurative translation than a literal one, because literal translations are often very hard to come by when it comes to swearing.

Esa estúpida me manda todo a la hora de la salida, nomás por chingar
That stupid lady sent me everything when it was time to leave, just to fuck with me

Here's a cool preview of what you can find in the Chingonario.

Here's a little more info about the actual book:

El Chigonario

If you take you Mexican swearing seriously, El Chigonario is a must have.  There's no better way to learn about the verb chingar.

I've got a copy of this book myself and I have to admit it's helped me understand some of the Spanish being spoken around me and especially the Spanish I hear being used in movies.

Just a few weeks ago I overheard two friends talking and they used a slew of the words and expressions found in this book.

You may have noticed the book is completely in Spanish.  Yes, you'll need a decent understanding of Spanish and/or be willing to accept the challenge of reading a book in Spanish.  Either way, you're going to learn a lot and really enjoy this book.

Well, that's all for today!

Hasta pronto!

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