Monday, August 1, 2011

Me Vengo Mami, ME VENGOOOOOOO!!!

If you've been learning Spanish for a while, you're probably familar with the verb venir, meaning to come.   But you may not be familar with venirse, it's reflexive cousin.  And trust me, this is something you want remember and get it right, for more reasons then one.

Well, let's get straight to it, no point in beating around the bush.

Venirse also means to come, or should I say, to cum. If you want to  be more politically correct, to ejaculate – eyacular.   But we're not here to be politically correct, so let's get back to venirse.

Here's some examples:

Me vengo
I'm coming

Me voy a venir
I'm going to cum

Todavía no me venia
I still haven't cum

Sí, venga papi, venga
Yes, cum baby, cum

Quita el condon y vente en mi culo
Take off the condom and cum on my ass

Well, you get the picture, or at least I hope you do.  I could post pictures, but that might be going to far.  I'll let you find your own pictures.

Let me add that venirse is used more in Mexico and Central America.  So what do they use  elsewhere?  correrse

Me corro en tu cara
I'm going to cum in your face

Me cabalgó hasta que se corrió
She rode me until she came

Of course you can substitute correrse for venirse in the previous examples.   Truth is, you can use either one.  You'll be understood from the context if nothing else.
So we've covered the act itself, but now we need to talk about the product of your, uh, actions.
A corrida is a vulgar way to talk about ejaculation. what people in the porn business call the money shot.  OK, techinically a money shot would probably be a "corrida en la cara".   But in plain English we'd call a corrida a cumshot.  Where you deliver or receive it is up to you. 

On a side note, a corrida can also be a bullfight.  Try not to get those mixed up, you may find it slightly embarrassing.   But don't worry, bullfights are typically called a corrida de toros.  But as I write this, I find myself thinking about the many jokes that can come of this.  No pun intended. 
Well, we've talked about quite a bit already, but we're not done yet.  I mean, after all, if we're going to talk about this, we need to make sure we cover everything. 
Sometimes when you're enjoying one of those "special moments", people get impatient and want to rush the ending, so let's talk about what you can say to help speed up the process.

¿Quieres que me venga?
Do you want me to cum

Dame la leche papi
Give me that milk baby

Leche is the term used to refer to semen, so if you hear someone chuckling after you use the word leche, now you know why.   Now it's time to translate the word semen.  Lucky for you the word for semen in Spanish is semen.

Let's get back to finishing the process.

Quiero que te vengas
I want you to cum

quiero tu leche
I want your milk (cum)

Quiero tu leche en mi boca
Quiero tu leche en mi lenguita

Do I really need to translate those last two?  Nah., I think you got it. 

And while this blog is dedicated to vulgar Spanish, I will leave you with some regular terms to let your pareja(partner) know you're about to close the deal.

¿Ya terminaste?
Did you finish?

BTW, If you hear this, you're probably not doing it right.

Me voy a acabar
I'm going to finish

¡Ya!  That's it for today.  If lady luck is on your side, you'll get plenty of opportunities to try this Spanish out.


  1. Dear fellow Spanish students,

    I think I found a typo in the the following example sentence: "Me cabalgó hasta que se corrío". I think the correct form of correrse here is "se corrió". Maybe I would consider to use the imperfecto form of cabalgarse too, since hopefully it took for a while: "Me cabalgaba hasta que se corrió".

    Otherwise I really enjoy this blog, and I'm happy to see that new posts are coming.


  2. Thanks Gergõ.

    Although I'm not posting as often as I'd like, I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the posts. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

  3. Thanks for the info! "Todavía no me venia" My fiancee is in trouble now. Your blog is awesome!