Monday, November 22, 2010

¿Y a tí qué tortillera?

A picture is woth a thousand words, so let's start with that.

This is a tortillera:

A tortillera is a machine that makes tortillas.  A tortillera is also a woman who makes and/or sales tortillas.

Tortilleras is also another word for lesbians.  While I love pictures, in this case I thought that might a bit much in this case, so you'll have to find your own pictures.

There are a few other words that mean lesbian.  Let's start with the ones you can use in polite company like homosexual, gay and lesbiana.  Notice that homosexual and gay are spelled the same in Spanish, just use your Spanish accent.  While it's good to know the PC (politically correct) terms, those are no fun, and this blog is all about teaching you bad words anyway.

There's also cachapera and bollera.  You may still be wondering what tortillera, bollera and cachapera have to do with being a lesbian.  Well, I haven't yet found out where cachapera comes from, but here's an explanation I found for bollera and tortillera:

Tortillera, mujer homosexual. Viene de la palabra tortillera que en mexico es la mujer que hace las tortillas y las palmea entre sus manos como se supone que hacen dos sexos de mujeres al chocar uno contra otro, de ahí pasó al castellano. Bollera, porque es un bollo de pan, pan con pan sin chorizo en medio.

Personally, I thought the part about "pan con pan sin chorizo en medio" was pretty funny. Just in case you need a translation, it's "bread with bread without sausage in the middle". I'm guessing you can figure out what that means.

 Let's try to put a few of these words to use:

¿Eres tortillera?
Are you a lesbian?

¿Y a tí que tortillera?
What it's to you dyke

No salgas mas con esa cachapera
Don't go out any more with that dyke

No sabía que tu primer es tortillera
I didn't know your sister is a lesbian

Notice the suttle change in meaning from lesbian to dyke, depending on the context. I believe bollera, tortillera and cachapera are more accurately translated to dyke when used as an insult, and lesbian otherwise. 

Well, that's it for today.  ¡Hasta la próxima!

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