Monday, May 3, 2010

Eres un bocaton

I find this word quite interesting. 

If you do a search in Google ( it returns you images of sandwhiches and other miscellaneous items.  Well, the definition of this word as I was taught has nothing at all to do with sandwhiches.

I was sitting with a group of ladies (in Mexico) jokingly going at each other, and it was hard to keep up with the conversation, because they were all talking pretty darn fast for my ears, but I heard the word "bocaton" several times. 

Before I go on, let me add that the context of the conversion at that paticular moment was sexual.  That much I knew. 

So, after they tossed around the word "bocaton" a few times, one of them decided to ask me if I knew what that meant.  So I said "no".  Then came the explanation, which blew me away.

I had made the assumption that "bocaton" had to do with someone having a big mouth, and since the conversation had sexual overtones, I (incorrectly) thought that a "bocaton" was a girl with a, let's say, "big mouth" suited for giving mamadas (blow jobs). 

Turns out I was waaaay off.  Remember how Bugs Bunny said "I should have made that left turn at Albuquerque"?  Yeah, it was kinda like that.

A "bocaton", at least in that part of Mexico (Tijuana), is a woman who has a vagina that is the opposite of "apretada" (tight).  In english we might say her vagina is so big that you might fall in.   

Once they told me what it meant, I imagine the look on my face was pretty darn funny.  I raised my eyebrows and said "Oh, tiene nada que ver con la boca"  (It has nothing to do with the mouth).  At which point everybody laughed.  I'd to like to say they were laughing with me, but I'm pretty sure they were laughing at me.

I have no idea how this is actually spelled, this is my best guess.  I also have no idea if I'll ever hear this word again, but it was a fun experience listening to a bunch of girls making fun of each other.

Well, that's it for now.  I'll be sharing some more of my newly acquired vocabulary from my latest trip to Mexico, but most of it will be be on my sister blog, My Spanish Notes, so be sure to keep any eye on it over the next few weeks.

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