Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pelangoche (Grosero, Malhablado, Boca Sucia)

So what does it mean to be Pelangoche?

Someone who is Pelangoche is a person who uses a lot of malas palabras -- bad words.  Grosero (rude) and malhablado (foul-mouthed)  are synonyms.  And that's what this blog is all about, malas palabras

By the way, take a look at this thread in WordReference.  It gives you a little more detail about Pelangoche, or Pelangocha for women.

Even if you don't swear (decir groserías/malas palabras /palabrotas) you're bound to hear them sooner or later.  

Personally, I think it's a good thing to be able to recognize palabrotas (bad words) when you hear them, and yes, occassionally (OK, maybe more than occassionally) I've been known to use a few myself.  Naturally, I want to learn how to curse a little bit in Spanish as well.  And more importantly, my goal is to master the Spanish language, and you can't do that without learning all aspects of the language, so here we are.

Whatever your reasons for coming here are, I'm going to share everything I learn with you .  Many people or sites are a bit shy about the subject, but in this blog, I'm going to touch on everything, not only bad words, but also sex related vocabulary.  And I'm going to be very straight-forward about it, so if you're the sensitive type, this site might not be for you.

My focus will be primarily on Mexican Spanish.  Why?  Well, most importantly I speak mostly with Mexicans, so that's what I'm learning.  Secondly, slang varies so much from country to country, and even regionally within a country, trying to keep up with all of that is nearly  impossible. 

Anyway, I hope you find this blog useful and interesting.  My goal for you (and myself) isn't just to learn a bunch of definitions, but to learn how to understand and use these words the same way we understand them in English. 

Nos vemos!


  1. Hi I'm mexican and i want to learn english well. Your blog is very intersting because it gives me the translation or similars meanings in English and Spanish.
    Gracias por tu tiempo y dedicación (a mi me es muy útil.