Sunday, January 24, 2010

Andar en chinga

If you're not familar with the verb andar, you can read up on it at my other blog, by clicking here.

But today we're talking about andar en chinga, and adding the en chinga changes it's meaning.

Andar en chinga means to be busy, or in a hurry.  And since it involves the word chinga, it's pretty rude.

Here are some examples:

Ando en chinga todo el tiempo
I'm always in a  fucking hurry / I'm busy all the fucking time

Tengo que andar en chinga cuando me avisas con una hora de anticipo
I have to fucking hurry when you only give me an hours notice

Ve en chinga para las cocas
 Hurry the hell/fuck up and go get the cokes.

I translated en chinga  as the equivalent of the F word in English, but translation isn't always an exact science.  It may not have quite the sting of the F word, but in any case it's pretty harsh and not to be used in polite company. 

Well, that's it for now.  I hope you found this little tidbit entertaining. And if you're so inclined, it will make you sound a little more native.

¡Espero que te sirva!

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