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Today we're back on the topic of masturbation.  In case you missed the first conversation, you can read it here:

Quiero que me hagas una paja

You may see the work "jale" on a door, and it means "pull".  Well, in polite society thats what it means.  It also has another meaning.

Jack me off

There are many ways to talk about jacking off, so lets take a look at a few.


Como no tiene con quien coger, va a tener que pajearse
Since you don't have anyone to fuck, you're going to have to jack off

Will you jack me off?

Me quedé en casa pajeándome
I stayed at home jacking off

Someone who jacks off constantly could be called a pajero or pajillero.  For women you would say pajera or pajillera.

In Mexico, people use the word "chamarra" for jacket.   If you've been wondering why, well today's your lucky day.

The word chaqueta is also used to to say hand job.

Hazme una chaqueta
Give me a hand job

There's also hacer(se) una chaqueta or chaquetearse.

Mi novia me hizo una chaqueta
My girlfriend gave me a hand job.

Soy adicto a chaquetearme 
I'm addicted to jacking off

Chaquetero is also another way to call someone overly fond of masturbation.

A hand job can be refered to as a manuela or manuelita, a paja and as we already mentioned, a chaqueta.

Here's another example:

Mi  novio me dijo que se hace la manuela 6 a 7 veces por día
My boyfriend told me he jacks off 6 or 7 times a day

In an upcoming post we'll take a look at some interesting terms for female masturbation.  In the meantime, have fun with these.  You can also take a look at this link:

¡Hasta luego!

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